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Who are we?

With Sanantur Clinic your hair graft for 1.600 € all inclusive

Sanantur and his history

SANANTUR is a company dedicated to health tourism (travel to another country to receive medical treatment), a sector that has experienced a great boom in recent years. It began in 2014 with treatments in Egypt to cure hepatitis C (the cost in Spain ranged between 25,000 and 30,000 €) from the experience of a member of our team who had hepatitis C. They have been among the first in Spain. The result was absolutely positive, realizing the total cure of the pathology.

After these first events, the company began its development as a travel agency specializing in the organization of tourist trips combined with the possibility – complementary and independent option – to allow our customers to receive punctual health care in the region. country of destination by qualified professionals and specialists, unrelated to the Sanantur organization.

Hair implants

After that, the technical director also had two hair implants in Brazil with FUSS technique (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). He gathered a lot of information on this topic and came to the conclusion that there is a growing demand for this type of treatment. The big disadvantage was the low number of implanted follicles (without exceeding 1500) at a price too high (8 000-14 000 €), an amount that very few pockets could afford. Sanantur understood that it was a question of the future, so he began to investigate. Since then, he has worked directly (without intermediary) with several clinics in Istanbul.

Seeing the operation and future possibilities of the sector, an important step was taken when a large group of Spanish investors joined the company in February 2017, many barriers had to be overcome (Muslim country, 3,500 km, terrorism problems, etc.). We were among the first, it cost, but thanks to the excellent results of the procedures and the other companies that were added, the obstacles were overcome. Istanbul is a reality, high level medical facilities, professionalism and experience of the teams (technicians and doctors), Turkish government subsidies for health tourism, high follicle numbers, low price, guarantee and especially the SUCCESS and SATISFACTION of the customers.

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Recovering your own hair with a completely natural finish is our goal. Our medical and technical team extracts the follicles from the back and from the sides of your head (depending on the case), and then implant them in the zone (s) that require it.