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Price of Hair Implant in Turkey

How much does it cost to get your hair back?


What I the cost of a Hair Implant in Turkey?

Often, people are surprised at the price of hair transplants in Turkey, many of the questions that come to mind are: “How can it be so cheap?”, “Why is there so much difference in price in Turkey?

One of the main reasons is the technique used. They are true experts and are able to implant up to 5,000 follicles per session while in other countries they can only reach 3,000. Therefore, the intervention itself is where the bigger price difference is clearly reflected. But also, when performing the hair implant in Turkey you will get a series of benefits that in other countries are extra costs, sometimes they are included, sometimes not, here is a chart where we see the price breakdown comparison between a hair transplant in Spain and another in Turkey:

Disparities: SPAIN TURKEY
Medical consultation Varies: 100 – 150 € Included
Pre-intervention analyzes Varies: 100 € Included
Flights Varies (*) Not incluided: 200 – 350 €
Hotel Varies (*) Included (2-3 nights), 200 – 300 € (4-5*)
Intervention 4.000 – 18.000 € Included
Place Clinics and consulting rooms Clinics and hospitals
Nº of follicles 1.500 – 3.000 Price planned up to 5.000
Anesthesia Local Local (painless 150 – 200 €)
PRP (Plasma rich in platelets) Entre 0 y 150 € Included
Technique FUSS – FUT/FUE FUE (DHI available in some clinic)
Post-intervention follow up Varies 1 year
Post-intervention treatments & cares Usually not included for 1 week / 1 month / 1 year (**)
Garantee Usually not included 10 y 30 years
Average cost of intervention (aprox.) 6.000 – 8.000 € 1.750 € / 2.400 € / 2.795 €

(*) Depends on the client’s city of origin, where the clinic and the means of transport are.

(**) For one year, the cost varies between 300-600 €

We give you the possibility to finance your hair transplant for € 55 per month for 60 month

An affordable price for every pocket

As you can see, the price difference is pretty obvious, but not in quality. Turkish doctors in this field are distinguished even by their excellent work over the years in hair transplants and interventions of this type. This ultimately results in a lower price of costs and therefore a considerable saving for the end customer.

The latest innovation is the DHI technique (direct implant, without shaving the reception area), in Spain very few centers use it; In Turkey, many clinics have it as an alternative, but the price is higher because it is a more accurate method and requires more intervention time. This does not work in all cases and the number of follicles to be implanted is less than with the FUE system. In Turkey for about 3,000 follicles at a cost (all inclusive) between € 2,995 – € 4,500.

There are packages in Turkey (like SANANTUR) that include a certain amount for flights (around 200€), painless anesthesia, treatment for 1 year, include a companion, etc.

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Recovering your own hair with a completely natural finish is our goal. Our medical and technical team extracts the follicles from the back and from the sides of your head (depending on the case), and then implant them in the zone (s) that require it.