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Receding hairline: the best treatment

I have receding hairline: what can I do? Is there a solution? The truth is that you are not the first to ask these questions. Hair loss forming entrances in the hair is very common in early symptoms of alopecia, both in men and women.

Data speak for themselve: from the age of twenty, 60% of people begin to feel the first signs of alopecia and 25% men over the age of twenty-five begins to suffer from baldness. And for women, at least 50% of them have suffered from alopecia during their lifetime.

On many occasions, this hair loss can make a person uncomfortable with his image and generate a problem of self-esteem. Luckily, the answer to whether there is something to do when you have frontal entries is positive. There are treatments that allow you to be done with that and every day the technology advances faster.

Type of hairlines

Hairlines that start loosing density during adulthood are the result of alopecia or baldness. Occasionally, men experience hair loss at the frontal area of the head in a localized manner or with a more generalized fall. According to the Norwood scale, which classifies types of alopecia in men, there are different combinations of hair loss and, in most of them, frontal entries in the hair is a common factor:

  • Initial baldness. This is what we call receding hairlines. It can be located at the front or generalized on the front.
  • Medium baldness. It is located in the back area and the crown and the top of the head.
  • Wide baldness. Important fall with limits.
  • Severe baldness. Hair loss almost generalized.

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Treatment for your receding hairline

The most common is that lack of hair on the frontal entries, it is present in almost all types of alopecia, as it is usually one of the first areas in which hair is lost. To put an end to this baldness, the market offers a large number of solutions in the form of shampoos, vitamins, lotions … But are they effective and will they last?

Nowadays, hair transplant is the most effective and most used solution for people with hair loss, whether with hair loss or with more severe baldness. Therefore, at Sanatur we try to help you recover your hair with a natural finish and we organize complete trips to complete the hair transplant in Istanbul

These are the most common techniques for hair recovery on the frontal entries and at Sanatur we practice it in our hospital in Turkey:

FUE Technique

The FUE hair transplant is a technique whose function is to transplant, through a micrograft, follicular units from the donor area to the receiving area, where hair loss occurs.

The main advantage of this technique is that in a single session, up to 5,000 follicular units are transferred (each follicular unit can contain between 1 and 4 hairs). The FUE method is used in men and women. Although for this technique it is necessary to shave part of the patient’s head, there are three types of options that go through complete shaving, partial or curtain (for patients who do not want to shave radically, as the women).

DHI technique

The DHI technique is one of the latest advances in hair implants and involves implanting the follicles directly into the recipient area one by one. As an advantage, this technique does not require shaving of the receiving area, but as a drawback, the number of follicles is less than that of the FUE technique (maximum 2500-3000). Therefore, it is ideal for specific and localized areas.

Each type of hair requires specific treatment, so for more information on hair transplant in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us. With a free study, we can specify your case and offer you the best solution against frontal entries.

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