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Capillary implant FUE, appliances

The capillary implant can be a reason both justified and unjustified, that is, that the reasons why some people come to take their image very seriously can become worthy or not of such importance, so whatever the case, today There are many ways to make small and large changes in a person’s image in day and this area of work has become one of the most frequented in recent years.

Effective capillary implant for body image. This is perhaps one of the most crucial issues that many people can come to consider in their life.

With this we can be talking about makeup, small facial work, as well as surgeries, transplants, operations including high risk, in short, a range of alternatives for which people can choose between these, the one that most suits your preferences and needs in both practical and economic terms.
Within all, it is possible to observe a large number of satisfied people, as well as some not so satisfied, since there are issues that concern controversies related to the way in which people modify their body.

Today there are many ways to modify the body image at all costs with a capillary implant FUE

Today, each method has its own characteristics that make it unique in its practice.
Whether it is for economy or time, each person will know which of these to try, one of the most striking elements of the image of many people is the hair and the image can change in a very significant way according to the style that this pose in their capillary fabrics, it might even surprise us how much hair can influence the image of a person.

Do you know the capillary implant?

The FUE capillary graft is one of the most used techniques in recent years. (Click here if you want to know prices and results about the capillary graft of Sanantur Clinic)
In short, this method consists of the replacement of the hair implants of the person, for which, this will have other much more efficient and in many cases, this is usually applied to people with baldness or growth problems in their hair .
There are, of course, cases that are carried out for purely aesthetic reasons, making the hair implant an integral method for problems that may involve the development or modification of hair.
Currently, more and more people are joining this practice, which has given more positive than negative results.
These results have made the hair implant one of the most relevant techniques when it comes to hair, a method that is becoming increasingly popular in many countries, generating all kinds of opinions about it, its effectiveness, its symptoms and its benefits.
It is, in a few words, another way of working with one of the most complex structures that exist: the human body.

Apparatus of the capillary implant

Like many surgical methods, the hair implant must have the use of various tools to carry out its practice.
In this article we will expose some of them, allowing readers and especially those interested in carrying out this practice, to be aware of what are the “methodological” implications that are implemented within this process and that increasingly calls the attention of the general public.
Thus, the equipment used for the capillary implant can be composed of the following elements:

Sistema S.A.F.E: It is an automated system

It is a circular scalpel, which has a movement of automatic rotation, which and when pressure on the skin of the person, manages to surround the hair follicle by the tip of the scalpel, which rotates to penetrate the skin of the person, which can also slow down as it enters the tissues.
After making the fissure in the skin of the person, the tip of the scalpel becomes opaque.


It is a circular hollow-shaped scalpel, which has a total diameter of 0.7mm to 1mm, which is located above the visible part of the individual follicle, pressing down through a rotating movement (it is the what is most used now and of course we use). (Click here if you want to know more about the history of Punch)

The implanters

It is an instrument very similar to a pencil or a pen itself and has a hollow needle with a pointed tip at one end, which allows you to locate a follicular unit inside.
This tool allows to make a cavity in the scalp and almost at the same time, to deposit a follicle inside the scalp again. Their measurements can vary according to the case, presenting diameters of 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.1, which allows to modify all the follicular units of different measures.

Sharp Points

They are tools of the cutting type, characterized by being cutting tip. They are very similar to a scalpel, which is used to make incisions on the scalp. Their sizes, due to their thickness, do not allow to make such deep incisions.


Among the many tools for incision and extraction of scalp follicles, this is one of the smallest blades, its measurements range from 0.8 to 1.2 and its blades are attached to a handle, which allows to make cleaner incisions, rectangular and more serene inside the patient’s skin.

FUE capillary implant, the most effective technique so far

The capillary implant is one of the techniques that is taking more and more boom within the entire framework of applications aimed at the treatment of body image. For that, we have more and more tools that are presented in order to make this practice something much more sophisticated, throwing aside elements such as risk, the failure of tools, precision problems and any other situation that may be related to this practice and its tools.
In this way, many people can perform this method, but as in all cases, it is advisable to take into account what are the implications in terms of the risks, advantages and disadvantages that may be present in the hair implant, something that translates into advice from all possible sides that the person considers necessary, given that there are a set of symptoms that can be unexpected for the person.

Future of the hair implant FUE

But whatever the case, the truth is that the hair implant is still in development as far as its tools are concerned, so it is worth taking into account the observation of the methods to which our scalp would be subjected. behind this practice.
This translates into a set of designed elements that can still be found in a stage of perfection, since we can say with total certainty that there are tools that are still in trial period, which are already being used, as well as those that are still in use. they are under a trial period, but they can not be used by the users of the subject yet, because they do not yet meet the minimum requirements.

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