Hair Transplant - Areas for a Hair Implant - Sanantur

Hair Transplant – Areas for a Hair Implant – Sanantur

Hair transplantation consists mainly of the extraction of the hair follicles by units (each follicle usually contains three to five hairs), which are located in the back and even on the sides of the head where the follicles remain for life, independently that they are placed somewhere other than where they were removed and implanted in the head of the person in need through different methods and specialized techniques.

Hair transplantation is done in those people who commonly suffer from Alopecia, also called baldness, which may be of hereditary origin.

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Alopecia in men and women

Hair loss in both men and women can be a very serious problem, as it affects the aesthetics of the patient and can cause severe emotional damage. In the case of hair loss due to genetic causes, in men it means to look older, which produces a loss of facial proportion, which is why the technique of hair transplantation has the main purpose of recovering that confidence and self-esteem of people who suffer from this condition.
However, hair transplants can be used in other areas of the body, such as eyelashes and eyebrows in women and beard or body hair in men, although it is commonly used to cover some type of scar resulting from accidents or surgeries wrongly made.
The most novel techniques that are observed today in the market consist in the extraction of the hair follicles, through an Artas robot that avoids causing some type of damage in the hair follicle, allowing to implant the hair in a more natural way


Technique for hair transplantation

All techniques used for a hair transplant are performed under local anesthesia in the area to be removed and are performed as an ambulatory intervention that can last between 2 and 8 hours, all of which depend on the hair area that is desired to be repopulated or extracted.
The extraction and placement of a hair transplant are not only taken as a medical technical activity but also as an art, since a kind of design that can create a frontal line in the hair as if the head of the patient should be made It was a canvas.
Once the extraction is completed, the same doctor prepares the donor tissue, with the purpose of creating the smallest possible grafts, in order to be able to plant them more easily and to preserve its basic structure of birth and growth.
Most of the clinics that perform these procedures must have a microscope that allows them to perform the preparation of the follicle so that the graft is as satisfactory as possible.

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