Hair grafts. The reality and truth about hair transplants

Hair grafts. The reality and truth

When the famous treatments “crecepelos” do not work, it’s time to think about hair transplantation. The capillaries worldwide attend the famous Workshop, the last held in Las Vegas was a success for the new techniques presented. The next Workshop will be in Tenerife this November.

Hair grafts or hair transplants are the most effective and definitive solution for any genetic alopecia

Injertos de pelo - Verdad y realidad del trasplante capilar

The FUE method is the advisable and recommended method by any prestigious hair doctor

It does not leave scars and in just 2 weeks there is no visibility of the extraction in the donor area. No scalpel or scars, since the extraction is done with a punch between 0.7 and 0.9 mm to extract the follicle containing between 2 and 4 hairs on average. The hair always goes through a process of growth and fall to strengthen. At 5 or 6 weeks, it may be the case to see how there is hair loss but it is a normal process, the follicle renews the hair and gives way to the new hair. We all have hair falls, but we do not stay bald, this is a fact in all people.

Price of hair grafts

The price of hair grafts with Sanantur covers up to 5000 follicles, which means that if your donor areas are suitable, we can cover 100% of your baldness in a single session.
We have two types of hair follicles; those that are genetically programmed to repeat life cycles every 25 years and those that do it every 80 years or so. That’s why our hair never falls out of our donor area, these are the ones that have a long life (up to 90 years). Alopecia is something that many people do not care about and even take advantage of it. In fact, although it is a fad that is already happening, it has been a fashion milestone to have more hair in the beard than in the head. People without alopecia would shave their heads and let their beards grow with Hipster fashion.

Unfortunately there are people who because of their experiences, circle of friends, work, etc., baldness generates insecurity and are not happy with their physical appearance. That is why Sanantur always seeks economic solutions with perfect results, so that people who want to recover their hair can do so for very little, and in the process, make a tourist getaway. We see daily on internet forums as supposed specialists talk about capillary micrografting as if it were the same as a capillary graft or hair transplant. The people who work at Sanantur know that it is not the same, but neither do they let us express themselves in these forums because their business is one of the commission commercials that they have.

From here we clarify that a capillary micrograft is one that removes the follicles with 1 or 2 hairs, which entails a follicle graft as a hair transplant but with less hair density.

This is important to know to avoid getting into the scam or deception between the micrograft and the transplant. Although it is true that we use it to search and colloquially.

Prices of Hair Micrografting and Hair Transplant?

The capillary micrografting is used extensively for the eyebrows and is very well received among women. Obviously the price is not the same for having to do between 500 and 900 follicles in many cases.

The prices of a hair transplant in Istanbul are between 2400€ and 2900€ all included. When we say all inclusive we refer to a travel pack without the client having to worry about anything else.

Making a reservation with us of € 200, the client already has his round-trip plane and the 4-star hotel reserved for his arrival. We take care of the transportation that picks you up at the airport, you just have to be patient to find the driver who picks you up at the airport exit. Even so, we maintain a direct contact with the client by phone or WhatsApp to inform you at all times.

Our technical advisors will assess your case in a free consultation, which is corroborated with the doctor who will do your hair transplant so you have all the guarantees and we can guarantee you before traveling, a successful capillary implant.

FUSS technique, not advisable. Better with FUE

There are clinics in Spain and Europe that still advise the Fuss technique or strip technique. We do not advise you in any case, since you will not be able to have short hair again in the donor area. With this technique, scalpel is used to cut a rectangle of scalp that contains the follicles. It is a scar for life and that is never advisable.

Injertos de pelo - Diferencia entre FUE y FUSS
The capillary transplant unit of our hospital in Istanbul includes a dermatological analysis so that our dermatologist can evaluate your graft and determine which medications or vitamins you should take. These medicines or vitamins can be purchased at the hospital pharmacy or at your trusted pharmacy in Spain, since they are generic medications and vitamins.

All of our clients who have traveled with us have been satisfied. Thanks to them we have more and more patients because they are the ones who advise other people. In addition many new customers who find us online and social networks, we provide them with the phone numbers of other clients who have already traveled so that they can tell them about their experience.

It must be said that, although the capillary graft is a minor ambulatory surgery and does not have any risk, the grafts are very delicate and must be very careful the first month avoiding efforts and sudden movements in the scalp.

The truth is that I wanted to write a short article and it has gotten out of hand. I wanted to clarify many concepts in a few words, even so if you have any questions you can write us or call us at 977 949 100 and we will assist you in less than 24 hours.

Until next time!

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