Tips for not losing your hair - Essential hair care guide

Tips for not losing your hair

Are you afraid to stay bald? Are you noticing that you start losing hair? If you want to avoid this and prefer to prevent rather than cure, here are the best tips to prevent baldness.

Losing your hair worries you? Take note of these tips for the prevention of baldness

  • The first symptoms, and according to specialists in treatments in alopecia, is finding more than 5 hairs on the pillow. In the next thing that we must fix is at the time of the shower and at the time of combing.
  • There is a false legend of society that says that wearing hats or caps can contribute to losing your hair, but nothing is further from reality and may even be favorable to stop the fall because the excess of heat or cold can harm and In this way we can avoid sweat, dermatitis or seborrhea produced at extreme temperatures.
  • Another false myth is the use of the gomina. It is not bad to use them, as long as it does not reach the scalp to let the pore breathe.

How to wash your hair

  • Always use a specific shampoo for your hair type (dry, oily, neutral). This can promote prolonging the life of your hair.

Tips para no perder el cabello

  • When you shower, avoid excessive rubbing of the scalp because it is not beneficial.
  • Something very important is to rinse well the shampoo or the mask (for long hair) before leaving the shower so that there is no rest.
  • Do you wash your hair every day? Use a neutral shampoo, but still keep in mind that you can reduce the fat that is on the scalp and this, sometimes, is not beneficial as it can affect some types of alopecia. Our advice is that you duches day yes, no day or even with more days of rest. Of course, you can wet it, without lathering, as for example, to eliminate traces of sweat.
  • A trick to close the hair cuticle and also to prevent knots is to finish, the last rinse, with cold water.
  • The ends are never good, so avoid very hot water and even very cold.
  • As we have been talking about, extreme temperatures are not good allies to stop baldness, so the best way to dry your hair is to do it with moderate power or do it outdoors. You can leave your hair wrapped in a towel to absorb moisture. Never dry yourself vigorously with the towel.

Other tips to prevent hair loss

Tips para no perder el cabello

  • Another urban legend is that repeated brushing activates circulation when we should do it promptly and for the simple fact of avoiding tangles and with an open barbed comb.
  • The massages, on the scalp, are not recommended and more if they are strong since the only thing we can cause is traction in the hair and this is not good.
  • Do you have excess fat in your hair? One of the ways to diagnose it is when there is an increase in acne in the forehead area. Fat can cause androgenetic alopecia and it is highly recommended to go to a specialist.
  • When we begin to clear we must bear in mind that we will have lost 50% of the hair in that area. Baldness has already begun, but do not lose hope and act.

Tips para no perder el cabello

  • There are early baldness, between 17 and 20 years, which can still be stopped and recovered.
  • From the age of 30 one of the most influential factors in hair loss is stress and poor diet.
  • Stop smoking, exercise and good nutrition is very important for our hair to enjoy good health.
  • • In some cities tap water contains a lot of lime and it is not recommended for our scalp to be healthy. In these cases we should rinse the hair with mineral water.



It is important that there is no lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet that we can find in many foods such as blue fish, red meat and vegetables. Brewer’s yeast, nuts or cod liver are also highly recommended.

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