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  • 8 tips para pelo sano

8 natural tips for a healthy hair

How many times have we envied a shiny, silky and voluptuous mane? Those Hollywood actresses with shiny hair, careful and dazzling when looking at it. WE LOVE! But have not you ever wondered what is the trick to maintaining healthy hair, to have a thick, thick and strong hair? Maybe, that these actresses, are spent large sums of money in moisturizing and nourishing treatments in luxury hairdressers while we, the normal people, we have to settle for applying masks, serum and conditioners available in supermarkets.

But we have great news for you, because not everything is spending large amounts of money to have healthy hair and although hair cosmetology can work miracles, it is also very important to take care of our hair from within, with supplements from mother nature. I can assure you that with these tricks you will look like a pelazo that will cause envy.

The 8 natural ways to have a healthy hair

  1. Vitamin B for a healthy hair
    Letra B rellena de alimentos para un pelo sano

This vitamin increases the red blood cells in the blood, which are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to our scalp so they supply food to the hair follicles and help hair growth and have healthy hair.
Its benefits are:

  • Reinforce the tips of hair
  • Increase proteins that promote hair growth
  • Brightens and provides an intense color
  • Prevent hair loss and thinning

You can find it in foods that contain vitamins B6 or vitamins B12 like for example:

  • Fatty fish
  • Oats
  • Soy
  • Lentils
  • Whole grains
  • Beet
  1. Incense for a healthy hair
    Doble foto: en una bote de aceite esencial y en la otra foto incienso para un pelo sano

With remote roots centuries old, incense oil is desired for its countless benefits for both health and beauty.
Incense is considered an essential oil. Essential oils have vegetable tissues as an active ingredient. The alchemists called them “the soul of the plants” because they are substances that are extracted from vegetables and that we can use as home remedies both in the home and in cosmetology.
Its benefits are:

  • A powerful brightener and hair strengthener
  • Prevents hair thinning and premature hair loss
  • Relieves the itching caused by dandruff

It also has multiple properties for the skin and for health so it is usually one of the favorites when it comes to aromatherapy.

  1.  Zinc for a healthy hair
    zinc para un pelo sano

After iron, the most important trace element is zinc. We will find it in many parts of our body such as bones, skin, muscles, uterus, testes, teeth and organs such as the lung, pancreas, kidneys etc.
In the hair is essential for the synthesis of some proteins such and as important as collagen and elastin. It is also a great hormonal balancer, something very important to have healthy hair.
Its deficit impairs hair growth and also the nails, and may even cause hair loss.
Specialists prescribe zinc for the prevention of alopecia, but also in cases of acne, dandruff, stretch marks and even for the healing of wounds and burns.
Foods rich in zinc:

  • Seafood
  • Turkey
  • Peanut butter
  • Chicken
  • Chickpeas
  • Pork Meat
  • Wheat germ
  • Fish
  • Yoghurts
  • Eggs
  • Beer yeast
  1. Selenium for healthy hair
    Selenio para un pelo sano

It is one of the best antioxidants that prevents and reduces aging due to oxidation by environmental exposure.

  • Helps hair growth.
  • It is a great fortifier.
  • Reduces dandruff, in fact it is included in some specific anti-dandruff shampoos.

Selenium is found in certain foods such as garlic, whole grains or beef liver.

  1. Vitamin C for healthy
    Letra C rellena de alimentos para un pelo sano

This vitamin is a fundamental ingredient in specific beauty products for hair or nails and we can find, today, in any establishment as it is a powerful regenerator and renovator that helps in the production of collagen and this, at the same time , helps the growth of hair and nails.
Some of its properties are:

  • Improves hair growth.
  • Vitamin C deficiency can cause split ends and dry hair.
  • This vitamin helps fight the fungi that cause dandruff.
  • It calms the scalp itch.
  • Hydrates a dry scalp.
  • Stops hair loss and helps in growth as it helps to balance hormones.

People who ingest large amounts of vitamin C have healthy, strong and thick hair.
You’ll find it in foods like oranges, lemons, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries etc.

  1. Keratin for a healthy hair

Segmentación de un pelo donde se encuentra las cadenas de queratina para un pelo sano
If you read the components of the products related to hair, you will notice that the vast majority contains keratin.
Keratin is an essential component that helps create an outer layer on the hair, skin and nails so using products containing keratin will help repair hair deterioration and increase elasticity, thus avoiding split ends.
We advise you to use products with keratin for several months in a row to obtain a good result as it does not repair in the short term.

  1. Horsetail for a healthy hair
    Hojas de planta de cola de caballo para un pelo sano

The infusion of horsetail is rich in silica, which is a mineral that helps in the process of hair growth.
It has a long list of properties:

  • Help the birth of new hair.
  • Strengthens the hair follicle.
  • Delays hair loss.
  • Protects the scalp against dandruff and capillary dryness.
  • Protects hair avoiding thinning and unsightly split ends
  1. Proteins for healthy hair
    Proteinas vegetal y animal para un pelo sano

Just as muscle depends on proteins to achieve strength, our hair acts in the same way. Proteins activate the manufacture of amino acids (very important in the production of keratin).
Proteins are obtained from animals and vegetables:

  • Animal protein: Milk, fish, yoghurts, meats, etc.
  • Vegetable protein: Almonds, soybeans, legumes, corn, brown rice, etc.


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