Hair graft: What it is and what are the newest methods
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Hair graft: What it is and what are the newest methods

Many clinics today offer this type of specialized techniques in micro hair grafts, this technique is performed according to the needs of the client and each one of them differs in the way in which the hair follicle is obtained which will then be implanted in the area that needs it; This is what are called hair grafts.

Hair graft: We explain the most innovative and safe methods in Istanbul (Turkey)

Depending on how the follicle is extracted, the following techniques can be distinguished:

FUE technique, extraction of follicular units: The capillary graft in this case is done by extracting a hair follicle individually, which causes less pain to those who are extracted and less noticeable in the hair, to perform this technique. asks mainly that the donor rape any area of his head or all, with the purpose of whoever receives this hair can use it as facial hair to cover a mark or scar that is not much extension.

FUE technique, robotized with the Artas robot: this innovative technique for the extraction of follicles incorporates automatic mechanisms throughout the process, reducing the time of extraction, in addition, it allows extracting the hair follicles in larger areas minimizing the damage that can be caused to the follicles used in the hair grafts all thanks to the Artas robot.

Strip Technique, STRIP OR FUSS: this technique can be a bit more painful than the previous ones because instead of extracting a hair follicle individually to make the hair graft, a strip of skin of the donor person is taken from the later The sample is extracted from the follicle.
For the open area of the donor to be closed it is necessary to make a suture that can leave a scar, usually in the upper part of the head, which ends up being imperceptible, which is also covered by the rest of the hair.

Benefits of capillary grafting by the FUSS method

The benefits of performing this technique is that you can get larger amounts of samples in less time and is usually recommended in cases of extensive Alopecia.
All the techniques mentioned above are totally effective and in many cases may require several sessions, in order to have a safer and more natural result, after performing any of these capillary grafts, it is necessary to continue going to the clinic where it was done, to evaluate in advance what they have had and in this way prevent any negative impact.
The final appearance of a person who has performed any of these treatments will be completely natural because the follicles grow slowly allowing hair growth does not look like something accelerated or very worked in front of those people who observe us day by day giving opportunity that everyone gets used to the renewed aspect.
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