Hair micrografting - Recovering your hair is easy and cheap if you want …
  • Recupera tu pelo con microinjerto capilar

Hair micrografting – Recover your hair

There are different treatments to recover the hair and the hair implant is the most effective to fight against alopecia. Microinjerto capilar con Sanantur Clinic

Hair micrografting

The technique most commonly used in hair implants is the FUE method and differs from the others by systematically introducing the hair follicles, one by one, in the required areas. Local anesthesia is used and does not require hospitalization.

Natural results are obtained and for life

Side effects of the hair implant

Trasplante capilar - injertando folículosLike all surgery, the hair transplant is not free of side effects. But the vast majority of these side effects appear in the postoperative period and reduces day after days but do not disappear until the first three weeks of procedure.
The most common side effects are:

  1. Hair loss. After the procedure you will feel an increase in hair loss caused by a shock of the scalp since, after the operation, it will go through a resting phase called telogen that will induce hair loss. Do not worry because it’s normal. Only hair with weak roots will be eliminated. The surgeon can recommend some lotion or medication.
  2. Hemorrhage. After surgery, there may also be minimal bleeding, although in some situations it is not interrupted quickly. In case of hemorrhage the doctor will take additional measures.
  3. Inflammation. The vast majority of patients, subjected to capillary micrografts, present inflammation in the grafted area, on the forehead and around the eyes, as well as pain due to said swelling. This can last from 4 to 5 days. You must keep in mind that for the healing process it is necessary that there is an inflammation because without it the lesions would not be cured since it is a response of the immune system to unknown invaders such as bacteria and viruses.
  4. Like inflammation, crusts appear as a method of defense against bacteria and infections that may appear. They help with the healing process of wounds. The scab is a shield for the most defenseless area of the scalp. Under this crust the cells continue their work and regenerate the area. Over 10 days, or even less, the crusts will fall naturally, all depending on the regenerative capacity of your body. If you feel burning you can tell your doctor to recomend you a soothing product.
  5. Something quite normal in the postoperative period of the micrograft and that may remain until several weeks later. It is due to the decrease in the circulation of the capillaries since it is necessary to take into account that your scalp suffers injuries and as time goes on they will be repaired. There is no reason to worry.
    Implante capilar Sanantur Clinic

All these side effects should not worry you because they are normal, temporary and disappear in a few weeks. There are medications that the surgeon can recommend if necessary for a more bearable healing process.
You must be careful with the physical exercise during the first month after the operation or until you feel able to return to your usual training since the use of force can cause stress to the blood vessels and burst, returning to open the wounds. If these wounds are opened they can bleed by entering the bacteria and exposing themselves to a high risk of infection.

Development of capillary recovery

In order to do the hair transplant, follicles are taken from the back and side of the head since it is a less predisposed area for hair loss.

The surgery time is from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the amount of follicles that are going to be transplanted.

The advantages of the hair implant

The capillary implant has as a great advantage that it is not a painful treatment and is totally effective. A general anesthetic is not necessary since local anesthesia is used. When the patient is finished, he can go home, without any problem and two or three days after the surgery he can start with his daily activity.

The results are visible in a short period of time

The recovery of the micrografting is much faster compared to other surgeries and between the first month and the third of the treatment, the results will start to be visible. Even so, our patient Roberto, from Cádiz, tells us about his experience 15 days after his intervention with Sanantur Clinic.

Little by little and as the days go by, the hair will grow and take on a natural look, like the rest of the hair. To improve the appearance, thickness and quality of the hair there are additional treatments that will help all the hair of the scalp look healthy.

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