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Hair implant clinics in Spain

Discover our hair gafting options in Spain, thanks to our clinics, where we will advise you on the options offered by SANANTUR. We carry out a preliminary study to design the plan you need, totally personalised: degree of alopecia, number of follicles required or type of intervention (Sapphire FUE or DHI).

Hair implant have arrived in Spain with force and our clinics want to offer you a tailor-made solution, that combines and economical price with our medical team professionalism.

    Barcelona Pack PREMIUM PLUS FUE Saphir!! from

    2.995 €

    • Operation performed personally, by our Dr. Vicenzo Mónaco, specialist in hair implants, with the help of a highly qualified medical team.
    • Attention of our translator in Spanish, French or English.
    • Consultations with the doctor in our facilities, or by WhatsApp, according to the client’s needs.
    • Local anaesthesia.
    • P.R.P. (Platelet Rich Plasma), during the operation.
    • Follow-up during the 1st year by the doctor, at the clinic or by WhatsApp, for patients who live far away or cannot visit us in person.
    • 10 year guarantee certificate
    • Techniques used: FUE-ZAFIRO, FUSS or DHI, according to each case.
    • Delivery of a pack of aftercare products.

    (flights, transfers and hotel not included).


    • The reservation is made through a transfer of € 500 in the account of MEDICAL GRAFT, S.L. and will be deducted from the final price to be paid at the clinic, the same day of the intervention.
    • The required days of stay are two: day 1 intervention; day 2 consultation + visit with the doctor. The hotel and transfers are notincluded.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the exceptional situation of COVID-19, in order to intervene, the patient is required to carry out a “rapid test” or “serological test” for the detection of antibodies about 48 hours before the intervention (cost approx. from € 20), and the result takes about 15 minutes. If the result is negative, the intervention can be performed; otherwise, due to its degree of sensitivity between 64-80%, it can give positive, a false positive orthat the virus has been passed (“immunity”). In this case, a PCR must be performed next in order to be more conclusive 24-48 h before the intervention.