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1.1.- hese terms and conditions of the contract governing the legal relationship that forms as a result of the recruitment by the customer for the provision of services offered at any time by SANANTUR on its website under the specific terms and conditions defined therein as details of the current offer, at any time.

Are the contracting parties to the agreement to provide services: (i) .- Within the framework of the same supplier, the company of Spanish nationality called SANANTUR, SL, provided with tax identification number B-55661904, residing in Torredembarra (Tarragona ), rue Rodes, number 8-12 local Netherlands, and (ii) .- as the recipient of the services of the consumer (customer) who in each case retains the services in the next section (1.2) refers to any SANANTUR, in its specific terms and conditions made public through its corporate website, and clarified or made explicit through free consultations gathered on the website or by telephone.

1.2.- The CONTRACTED SERVICES and ACTIVITIES, which are referred to in these GENERAL CONDITIONS, consist of two types of services, namely:

  1. The main provision: for which SANANTUR undertakes to provide the services and the activity of surgery of hair implants (CAPILLARY TRANSPLANTATION PACK) to be carried out at the date and place agreed with the CUSTOMER, at its convenience in the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CLINIC ( SANANTUR CLINIC), according to a certain price and the terms and conditions at any time communicated publicly through the website owned by SANANTUR.

B.- The accessory or instrumental advantage: By which the CUSTOMER may, in his free and exclusive decision, contract through SANANTUR, the purchase of plane tickets to travel himself by this means and the one he designates, on a date determined by the customer, from the place indicated by the customer (coinciding or not with his residence) to the destination, in the same way, the hotel reservation with half-board or full board of the CLIENT and, in some case of his / her companions (TRAVEL PACK).

1.3.- The main service activity consisting of implant surgery of hair and the previous diagnosis and post-operative follow-up will be carried out exclusively under the direction and exclusive responsibility, by doctors and health professionals, duly qualified and staff members. CLINIC Medicana International (SANANTUR CLINIC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, (Alemdağ Street Cd. No: 113, 34767 Üsküdar / Istanbul). Once the services mentioned in section A above have been contracted, the CUSTOMER may submit to the above-mentioned clinic the surgical operation of the hair implant in accordance with the terms and conditions specially proposed by SANANTUR each time and those required in accordance with the Health Protocols determined at all times by the Legal Order incorporated in the regulations applicable in the Republic of Turkey, as well as by the SANANTUR CLINIC Institution in which the intervention is to take place. All of these services and the surgical activity called HAIR TRANSPLANT PACK, to be performed exclusively in the clinic, include:a.-La transplantation capillaire maximale 5 000 uf. (FUE technique-Extraction des unités folliculaires)

b.- HIV test and hepatitis C

c.- PRP treatment. (Plasma rich in platelets)

d.- Postoperative treatment and follow-up from a distance or, where appropriate, in person, of the patient.

e.- Interpreter of translation services in the medical establishment.

1.4.- The place where the contract subject to this GENERAL CONDITIONER is celebrated is that corresponding to the Territory of the Kingdom of Spain, regardless of the Territory in which the CUSTOMER outsources his consent to contract. In accordance with the Legal Regulations of the Kingdom of Spain, the legal relations arising exclusively between the parties as a result of the contracting with the CUSTOMER in SANANTUR will be regulated, since this is the Territory in which the provision of the contractual service is organized, including :

14.1. The activity – action and result – consisting of a capillary implant surgical operation according to the content and terms established in paragraphs a) to e) of section 1.3 above, will be performed on the day specially agreed with the CLIENT, by the medical staff and the health service headed by Dr. Mbaraka Ljohiy at the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CLINIC (CLINIQUE DE SANANTUR), in accordance with the protocols required by the sanitary regulations of the place where the operation is performed, as well as those established by the establishment itself

1.4.2.- The activity of management of the purchase of air tickets for the CUSTOMER’s trip and the persons designated by him, at the place where the hair implantation is to be carried out, as well as, where appropriate, the reservation of the stay at the Hotel under Half-board or full-board, according to prices, terms and conditions offered on the website owned by SANANTUR. This service, if contracted by the CUSTOMER, will be carried out by SANANTUR in the name, by account, in order of interest of this one.

The place where is signed the contract of service delivery and activity of implantation capillary is that corresponding to the Territory of the Republic of Turkey, where the CLIENT will have to intervene, and will have to pay for the services and the activity contracted (HAIR TRANSPLANT PACK AND TRAVEL PACK). Consequently, the CUSTOMER will pay the price of services and activity contracted at the destination, already specified in section 14.1, coinciding with the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CLINIC (SANANTUR CLINIC), in exchange of the invoice issued for this purpose.

1.5.- The wording of these GENERAL CONDITIONS has been prepared in order to comply scrupulously with the legislation in force, being in all cases the compulsory regulation provided by Law 7/1998 of 13 April on the General Conditions of the Contract (LCGC) and Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (Fourth Book).

1.6.- These GENERAL CONDITIONS must be accepted as a sign of knowledge and acceptance by the CLIENT. Its copy is published on the SANANTUR website, so they are public and have direct access. All were written in a clear, precise and intelligible form. SANANTUR, through its “Customer Service” is at the disposal of anyone anywhere in the world and at any time to clarify the doubts that may arise from its reading, or clarify your request.


2.1.- To be able to celebrate the signing of the SERVICES (CAPILLARY TRANSPLANT PACKAGE and, if applicable, TRAVEL PACK) the CLIENT must comply cumulatively and ineluctably with the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age or have the written authorization of the parents or legal guardians and, in case of minority or lack of capacity – declared or not by the court – be accompanied by at least one of the parents or guardian.
  • Be in possession of a valid passport with an expiry date of more than 6 months from the date of arrival in the country of destination.

2.2.- Warning, Mandatory special reading: Will not be able to have a hair implant all customers who are carriers of the HIV virus (AIDS virus) and hepatitis B and C. If the patient suffers from any of these three diseases, the hair implant can not be done for medical and health reasons, always in the interest and protection of the client, his health and his integrity.

If the Client does not know, in good faith, that he suffers from one of these three referenced pathologies (HIV, Hepatitis B or C), he must know that they will be detected initially and indirectly by means of prior blood tests carried out in the CLINIC in which the intervention is to be performed. The CLIENT must know that the positive results that the analyzes can demonstrate, in one of these pathologies and which do NOT have the definitive, absolute or conclusive character, because they require scientifically other tests more apprensis, they must be done later for an absolutely accurate confirmation. In all cases, as indicated, the mere appearance of the initial positive result, before the intervention, will determine that the CLIENT can not under any circumstances have a medical intervention.

If the initial and non-definitive detection of one of these three patologies has been detected as a result of the analysis performed in the clinic, where the capillary implant is performed, immediately before the operation, the patient must pay 60% of the amount. of the above-mentioned intervention, in order to cover the costs and expenses of the operating room and the medical / health staff reserve, in this way. If within a period of three (3) months from the date of completion of the initial analysis, the final result of the clinical analysis detection of these three related pathologies was negative (absence clearly contrasts the presence of these pathologies) the patient can undergo the intervention of the hair implant, paying only the remaining 40% of the price corresponding to the date on which he signed the present. After the indicated period of three (3) months, the patient loses the amount equivalent to 60% of the total.


3.1.- The organization of the VOYAGE from the country of origin can be carried out, at the choice and the decision of the CUSTOMER, in a gratuitous and exclusive way, mediated by SANANTUR, S.L., with the CIF no. B-55.661.904 and with address to Torredembarra (Tarragona), street Rodes nº 8-11, local bjos.

3.2.- In the event that the CUSTOMER, under his free and exclusive decision, wishes to contract with SANANTUR the travel (round-trip air transportation), the Hotel Stay, and the transfers from and to the airport for him and his companion, as well as internal transfers to the CLINIC and from there, SANANTUR will proceed to the purchase on behalf of the customer, the order of the tickets corresponding to the return air transport, stay in the hotel establishment place of destination, – in mid-pension (room and breakfast) – as well as transfers to and from the airport and internal transfers from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa. SANANTUR has pre-established the hotels with a category of five stars located at the destination, near the place where the medical-sanitary supply of a hair implant is to be performed. These hotels are those that are identified, advertised and published at any time on the SANANTUR website.

3.3.- The Customer may, therefore, enter into a contract through SANANTUR: (i) .- Purchase on his behalf for himself and his companion (s) round-trip air tickets from the airport closest to the place of origin at the place of destination. (ii) .- The stay in a hotel establishment based in the place of destination where the intervention must be carried out, and (iii) .- Transfers from the airport to the hotel and from there to the airport, as well as internal transfers from the Hotel to the Clinic and vice versa.

3.4.- The Customer, therefore, may, in its sole discretion, contract with SANANTUR any or all of the above-mentioned benefits, members of the Travel Package, so that the benefits that are not contracted by SANANTUR may be directly contra-tenanted by the customer , or by third parties.

The CUSTOMER’s decision whether or not to commit SANANTUR to the full services of the TRAVEL PACK has an impact on the price of the global services offered by SANANTUR in its corporate advertising, at any time. The CLIENT must know that he may occasionally have access to cheaper offers for the services included in the TRAVEL PACKAGE offered by SANANTUR.

3.5.- Accuracy of Reading Required for Customers Residing in the country of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgic and France: CUSTOMERS residing on the territory of the concerned countries must contract directly, or through third parties, the purchase of the round trip plane ticket. Therefore, SANANTUR will not assume the management of the Travel Package or TRAVEL PACK.

3.6.- The prices corresponding to the ” Travel Package ” including the benefits mentioned in section 3.3 will be those in force at each moment, offered and announced for this purpose by SANANTUR at the time of the contract, depending on the variability or oscillations that may occur. His determination is detailed in the following clause.


4.1.- The price of the Travel Package (TRAVEL PACKAGE) has been calculated on the basis of exchange rates, transport rates, fuel cost and taxes and tariffs applicable at any time, taking advantage of the offers that SANANTUR accesses. The CUSTOMER who decides, in its sole discretion, to use SANANTUR for the Package Travel (purchase of round-trip air tickets, hotel stay, transfers from and to the airport, as well as internal transfers between Clinique and the Hotel) must still be aware of these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

4.2.- Any variation in the price for the aforementioned causes may result in the revision of the final price of the trip, both upward and downward, in the strict amounts of price changes mentioned above. These modifications will be notified by SANANTUR to the CLIENT in writing or by any means allowing to have the proof of the communication made.

In any case, it will be revised upwards in the twenty (20) days preceding the date of departure of the trip, as regards the requests already made.

4.2.- The price of the TRAVEL offered by SANANTUR includes the following advantages. The client may choose to contract a part, parts or none. Each of them constitutes all the advantages included in the “Travel Package”.

4.2.1.- Round-trip air transportation from the airport closest to the place of origin to the destination, in economy or tourist class.

4.2.2.- Accommodation in a five-star category hotel with room and breakfast.

4.2.3.- The transfer by car from the airport to the hotel and from it to the airport.

4.3.- The PRICE of the Travel Package DOES NOT INCLUDE:

4.3.1.- Indirect taxes (I.V.A.) when applicable.

4.3.2.- Visas, airport taxes and / or entry and exit fees.

4.3.3.- Possible vaccination certificates.

4.3.4.- The price of “extras”, such as coffees, wines, spirits, mineral waters, special diets – even in case of full board or half board, washing and ironing clothes, optional hotel services, and general, any other service that is not expressly included as included in those GENERAL CONDITIONS.

4.3.5.- The price of excursions or optional tours.

4.4.- SANANTUR does not finance the amount of the trip.

4.5..- SANANTUR has a lot of TRAVEL, due to a certain availability of seats and a certain price, so that the CUSTOMER who is interested in the purchase of the trip must first reserve a place and pay the amount corresponding to the price of the trip. at any time. SANANTUR will not pay the CUSTOMER any amount for the contracting on behalf of the full services of the TRAVEL PACK.

4.6.- SANANTUR will confirm the reservation to the CLIENT within 24 hours from the day the CUSTOMER has requested the reservation.

4.7.- Insurance premiums and management fees for modification or allocation of reserves, if any, are non-refundable.

4.8.- In the event that SANANTUR is unable to provide any of the services offered and included in the price, it will inform the CUSTOMER, who, then, may waive his request, recovering only the amounts provided.

4.9.- Prices and discounts shown on our website are variable and can not be combined with other offers. In the event of a typographical error, the SANANTUR company may determine the final price in relation to the main page of the offer on


SANANTUR undertakes to provide the CLIENT with all contractual services. However, in the event that, before the departure of the trip, due to circumstances that can not be attributable, it is obliged to significantly modify any essential element of the contract, it immediately informs the CLIENT.

In such a case, the CUSTOMER may choose between (i) terminating the Contract without penalty or (ii) accepting a modification of the Contract in which the variations introduced and their impact on the price are specified.

The CLIENT must communicate his decision to SANANTUR within three (3) days of the notification of the modification. In the event that the CLIENT does not notify his decision in the terms indicated, it will be understood that he opts for the termination of the contract without penalty.


In the aforementioned case, SANATUR has been obliged to significantly modify certain essential elements of the Contract and the CUSTOMER has chosen to terminate the Contract, or in the case where SANANTUR – before the agreed date of departure – cancels THE TRIP for any reason which is not attributable to the CUSTOMER, from the moment of the termination of the Contract, he will be entitled (i) to the reimbursement of all amounts paid, according to the same or (ii) to the realization of another trip of equivalent quality provided that SANANTUR can offer it in identical terms.

In the event that the trip offered was of inferior quality, SANANTUR will refund to the CUSTOMER, as the case may be, according to the amounts already paid, the difference in price, in accordance with the Contract.

This same right corresponds to the CUSTOMER who has not obtained confirmation of the reservation in the terms stipulated in the Contract.


7.1.- The CUSTOMER is obliged to inform SANANTUR of any breach of the Contract – preferably “in situ” – to the representative of SANANTUR at the destination or, in other cases, as soon as possible, in writing or any other way Registration to SANANTUR’s “Customer Service”.

7.2.- In the event that the proposed solutions are not satisfactory for the CLIENT, he will have a period of thirty (30) days, from the day of the end of the trip, to make a claim to SANANTUR.

7.3.- The hotels do not accept complaints once the CLIENT leaves the establishment, so the CLIENT must communicate in writing to the Direction of the Establishment, through the Claim Sheet, any insufficient or insufficient “in situ” provision, before performing the “exit from the premises”.


8.1.- With regard exclusively to the benefits included in the TRAVEL PACK or Travel Package (Stipulation 3.3), SANANTUR will be responsible towards the CUSTOMER for the respect of the obligations resulting from the travel, the displacements and the stay, and the damages suffered by the CLIENT as consequence of non-performance, or faulty or deficient performance, of the provision of services that must be provided by SANANTUR during the trip, and included in the price thereof.

8.2.- However, this responsibility will cease if any of the following circumstances occur:

(i) That defects found in the performance of the contract are attributable to the CLIENT.

(ii) That said defects are attributable to a third party unrelated to the provision of services provided for in the contract and that they are unpredictable or insurmountable.

(iii) That the defects mentioned above are due to reasons of force majeure, including as such the circumstances not related to the party invoking them, abnormal and unpredictable whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with diligence.

(iv) That the defects are due to an event that SANANTUR, despite having put all the necessary diligence, could not foresee or overcome.

8.3.- SANANTUR will not be responsible in any case for the costs of accommodation, maintenance, transport or expenses arising from any delay in departures or returns, and others resulting from force majeure.

8.4.- The passenger carrying the corresponding air ticket may directly require the airline transporting it to fulfill its obligations in the event of overbooking, significant delays, loss of baggage, etc., in accordance with the applicable Community regulations.

8.5.- SANANTUR, through its “Customer Service”, will always provide consulting, assistance and contact services to the CLIENT during the travel and stay periods.


SANANTUR has established, and maintains permanently, a guarantee in the terms determined by the competent Administration, in order to answer in a general way the respect of the obligations resulting from the provision of its services to the CUSTOMER and, especially in case of insolvency, the reimbursement in cash of all the payments made by the travelers to the extent that the corresponding services have not been carried out and, in the case of transport included, the actual repatriation of the latter


10.1.- The actions resulting from the rights legally recognized to the CLIENT for the provision of the services including the SERVICE PACK or the Travel Package, will be prescribed for two years.

10.2.- The CUSTOMER must be aware that he can at any time communicate any complaint to SANANTUR’s “Customer Service”, from which he may request a copy for the exercise of his rights from the corresponding administrative or judicial authorities.


11.1.- The trip. Documentation:

11.1.1.- CUSTOMERS must have in order (including children) their personal and family documentation, whether the passport or national identity document in order and not expired, in accordance with the laws of the country or countries visited. The CLIENT and the person (s) accompanying him / her must have previously obtained visas, passports, vaccination certificates and other obligatory documents in order to be able to enter without any problem in all the countries visited. The SANANTUR Customer Service Department advises at any time, from the beginning of the relationship, before contract, all the documentary requirements that the CUSTOMER or his companions must respect.

11.1.2.- In case of age under 18, the CUSTOMER must have written authorization signed by his parents or guardians, in the possibility that it may be requested by any authority. The minor can not travel without this permit, which can be requested from the police.

11.1.3.- The CLIENT must keep luggage and other personal belongings safe. What is the part of the vehicle in which are its places, it is transported at the risk and peril of the CLIENT. Wherever you are transported by rail, rail, sea or river, the conditions of transport are applicable, the document is contracted between the companies and the passport.

11.1.4.- In case of damage or loss, the CLIENT must present, in the act, the timely claim to the transport company.

11.1.5- In case of loss of travel documents by the CLIENT, resulting in a loss of services, SANANTUR will not be responsible for the costs incurred by a new reservation and / or the issuance of it.

11.2.- Travel by plane and stay at the hotel.

11.2.1.- The presentation by the CUSTOMER and his companions at the airport to the place of origin and the destination, both for the return trip, will be made with a minimum of one and a half hours in advance. official departure schedule, and in any case strictly follow the specific recommendations indicated by the travel documentation provided by SANANTUR.

11.2.2.- Tickets will be issued in digital format.

11.2.3.- Hotels: The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourist category, if any, awarded by the competent organisation of your country. In case of not having it, the category of hotels is made in stars according to criteria common to the hotel sector according to their services and facilities, and for information only.

Given the current legislation in this regard, which establishes only the existence of single and double rooms allowing a third bed to be added in one of them, it will still be considered that the use of the third bed is made with the knowledge and consent of the persons occupying the room, and so the room will be reflected as triple in all the printed bookings provided to the CLIENT and to pay in advance, in the contract and the tickets and / or the documentation of the trip which is delivered simultaneously to the signature of the latter.

In some cases, it is possible to request baby bed, which must be requested by the CUSTOMER before the contract is signed and, unless expressly stated, are not included in the price.

The usual schedule for hotel entry and exit will determine the first and last service the user will use. As a general rule, unless otherwise expressly stated, rooms can be used from 15:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure.

When the contracted service does not include permanent support – which the CUSTOMER may contract – and in the case where the user foresees his arrival at the hotel or the booked apartment for dates or times other than those described , the CLIENT must To avoid problems and misinterpretations, communicate this circumstance as soon as possible to SANANTUR.

In addition, you must consult SANANTUR, at the time of booking, for the possibility of transporting animals, as they are generally not allowed in hotels and rooms, and must in any case be expressly mentioned in the contract.

It is understood that the accommodation service at the hotel was made available to the CLIENT on the corresponding night, regardless of the fact that, due to the circumstances of the trip, the time of entry into the hotel takes place more late than originally planned.

SANANTUR, in exceptional and justified cases, in the interest of the CUSTOMER and, where appropriate, his companion, reserves the right and the corresponding faculty to accommodate both in a hotel establishment different from the one initially chosen, ensuring that the substitute establishment enjoys the same category, quality and services as initially established in the accepted offer.

11.2.4.- Other services: On flights arriving at the destination after noon, the first service of the hotel will be dinner.

Similarly, on flights arriving at the destination point after 19:00, the first service of the hotel will be accommodation.

In some cases and because of the early hour of a transfer to the airport or vice versa, it is possible that the service of breakfast, lunch or dinner can not be used on the day of the said transfer, which will not give right to reimbursement.

11.2.5.- Additional Services When the CUSTOMER requests additional services that can not be definitively confirmed by SANANTUR, the CUSTOMER may, before the start of the trip, choose to permanently cancel the requested additional service, or to maintain his request pending such services.

In the event that the parties have agreed on the prior payment of the price of additional services that can not ultimately be provided to the CLIENT, the amount paid will be refunded by SANANTUR upon return of the trip.

11.3.- Activité chirurgicale de l’implant capillaire:

11.3.1.- The surgical activity of the capillary implant contracted by the CLIENT is for the services described in paragraphs a) to e) of section 1.3 of these general conditions. This activity is carried out by highly qualified and highly trained doctor and medical professionals, belonging to the team led by Dr. Mbaraka Ljohiy at the INTERNATIONAL MEDICANA CLINIC (SANANTUR CLINIC).

11.3.2.- The CUSTOMER must bring with him the medical and clinical documentation previously requested by the Medical Professionals in charge of carrying out the capillary implant surgical activity at the destination and, if necessary, more if required.

Under no circumstances will SANANTUR receive, collect, send, provide, obtain or otherwise process, in any manner and at any time, certain documents or information on any type of media containing state data. the CLIENT’s health, or the results of tests, tests, analyzes, diagnostics, medical prescriptions or any type of information relating to or resulting from the surgical activity of the hair implant, neither before nor after having taken place. SANANTUR will receive exclusively from the CLIENT and send to the CLINIC the pictures of the parts of the head that must be subjected to a capillary implantation. This will be done by mandate, following the CUSTOMER’s instructions. The images received will be used solely and exclusively for the above purpose, for the sole purpose of enabling CLINICA medical professionals to make an initial clinical assessment, diagnosis and opinion on the origin and terms of the intervention, without prejudice the subsequent medical examination at the place of destination preceding any intervention.

The photographic images provided will at all times be the exclusive property of the CLIENT, and will be incorporated into the SANANTUR property files subject to absolute secrecy, reservation and protection. These images may never be disclosed, disclosed, exhibited, published or transferred to third parties under a concept or purpose other than that for which they were provided to SANANTUR. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the CUSTOMER who expressly authorizes SANANTUR to communicate or disclose the image of his scalp before and after the surgery, in different plans, poses or positions, having the face completely hidden and covered, and any material sign personal identification by pixilation of the image, ensuring the anonymity of the person and the impossibility of recognition.

The CLIENT, at any time, may exercise his rights of access, opposition, cancellation, rectification and request that they be destroyed by absolutely safe means, by removing the medium that contains them. These rights may be exercised by the CUSTOMER through the SANANTUR Customer Service (“CustomerService”).

11.3.3.- The CUSTOMER agrees, before the surgery of the hair implants, to submit to the CLINIC a blood test in accordance with the sanitary protocols required by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and also adapted to the Internal Health Protocols of the clinical establishment. Conducting clinical analyzes prior to the intervention constitutes a budget and an essential condition for achieving it.

11.3.4.- CLINIC’s medical staff, in its sole discretion, may make a well-founded decision, based on the results of previous analyzes, not to perform the capillary intervention in the event of circumstance or factor, even insignificant, which may even determine a risk to the health of the CLIENT.

11.3.5.- The CUSTOMER must comply with the instructions and recomendations provided by SANANTUR CLINIC as prior obligations before the intervention regarding fasting, absence of drinking certain drinks, medics, alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances, which will be provided quickly by SANANTUR.

11.3.6.- The CLIENT, after the intervention, must scrupulously comply with the therapeutic instructions which, for the post-operative treatment, is prescribed in each case by the medical staff responsible for the intervention. The CLIENT must comply with such requirements because the abandonment or absence of these prescriptions may imply a negative impact on the foreseeable result of the hair implant.


12.1.- By adhering to these General Terms and Conditions, the CUSTOMER gives express and clear consent to the personal data provided to SANANTUR to be part of an automated personal data file, for which is responsible SANANTUR SL with CIF no. B-55.661.904 and with address to Torredembarra (Tarragona), street Rodes number 8-12

12.2.- The purpose of the aforementioned file is to properly manage the reservation and proper provision of contractual services, as well as the international transfer of such data to the companies providing the aforementioned services, as well as to provide the CLIENT with information about the products, services, offers and promotions related to actions related to the activity of SANANTUR, SL in the field of tourism and integrated in health tourism.

12.3.- Your data will only and exclusively be transferred to perform the contractual services, by order and according to the instructions of the CLIENT, preserving the duty of discretion and the application of the security measures required by the regulations in force at any time.

12.4.- The CUSTOMER may exercise at any time, without any limitation, conditions or obstacles, the right of access, opposition, cancellation and rectification of his data. These rights are recognized in the Spanish regulations on the protection of personal data. To do this, it is necessary to contact in any ways, towards the customer service of SANANTUR, or to request it by means of a written document accompanied by a copy of the national identity document or the passport in force and directed by mail to SANANTUR, SL, street Rodes number 8-12 43830 Torredembarra (Tarragona), Spain.


These GENERAL TERMS and the contracts, agreements or modifications of each and the others which, in this case, are set with the CUSTOMER, in any form or procedure, are subject to the Spanish common law and to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts. The CUSTOMER must know that he has the status of consumer and, for this reason, the specific rules that protect his rights are directly applicable to him.