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The duration differs depending on the number of follicles that must be transplanted, and lasts approximately between 5 and 8 hours. During this period of time, the patient can watch TV or listen to music.

It is not painful, since the hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia, we also use the Local Painless Anesthesia (ALCI).

The operation can be performed to men and women with a male pattern of hair loss, or those affected by trauma or burns, and people previously transplanted but who did not achieve the desired results.

The transplanted hair begins to fall off after 20 days, and the person returns to his old appearance. Afterwards, the transplanted hair will begin to grow 3 months later. At 6 months, 60% of the transplanted hair has already appeared, and the rest will after 10 to 12 months.

You can get between 3,000 and 5,000 follicles (4,800 follicles = +/- 11,000 hairs), depending on the density of the hair in the neck area and the size of the receiving area.

After 20 days you can take a relaxing bath.

Within 3 days of the operation, you can put on a hat or a cap, under the control of your doctor.

Depending on the size of the receiving area and the density of the hair in the neck area several sessions may be needed.

You will certainly not lose the transplanted hair because it has been removed from the neck area where the hair does not fall.

Yes as long as that the direction of hair growth is correct.

The day after finishing the intervention, a conditioning process will be carried out. After this process there is no restriction for you to return to your work.

The costs of this procedure vary from person to person. The recipient area of the transplant, the structure of the skin and hair must be taken into account. You will get more information once our specialist evaluates your specific case.

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