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We want you to feel comfortable and cared for at all times

In Sanantur we are available to our customers

For this reason, in Sanantur we have created a Code of Ethics, which is applicable to all our Team and which guides our professional activity at all times and the link that should unite us. This Code of Ethics is based on the following values:

1. Seriousness and responsibility

We are a company that defends the interests of its clients, given that we know the delicate situation of who go through this situation and suffer the pathology.

2. Rigor

Our services are carried out with the utmost professional rigor.

3. Customer support

We know how hard it is to suffer from any pathology and, above all, we know how comforting it is to have help and assistance nearby and at all times.
Sanantur accompanies the client and provides him with all the tools at his disposal so that he is comfortable during the trip and his stay outside his country of origin. We do not pretend that the trip is only a mere instrument in the service of a treatment, but that we try to make it also a rewarding and unforgettable experience for our client.

4. Overcoming day by day

In Sanantur we are self-critical and we are always looking for excellence in all our services. For this reason, we work constantly so that the quality of them is palpable at every moment for you.

5. Loyalty and integrity

Throughout the entire relationship with the Client, we take care of him and we are at his side at all times.
The integrity and honesty of our staff and our collaborators abroad is vital for the proper functioning of our Company.

6. Communication

Having a good communication with our Clients is fundamental to carry out our services satisfactorily. Preparing the trip with you in advance and providing all the necessary information is part of the success of our goal, and something essential for the achievement of the purpose pursued

7. Privacy

In order to carry out our activity, we will need the Client to provide us with a series of personal data, never related to their clinical file or related to their health status, since Sanantur does not collect, treat, receive or transmit health information. All the questions, aspects or extremes related to the state of health of the persons are treated directly by the interested party with the specialists in the place of destination. The personal data that Sanantur receives from its Clients will be confidential; and to guarantee this confidentiality, Sanantur, in accordance with applicable legislation, has adopted the necessary security measures.