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Hair Transplant FUE

Recover hair from the crown with hair transplant

Alopecia on the crown, with frontal entrances, are the most common cases of hair loss in men. The reason for hair loss is different in each case since baldness can be due to many factors such as genetic causes, unhealthy habits, stress or even poor nutrition. When alopecia manifests itself, it can be both progressive and more drastic, in which case [...]

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Hair transplant aftercare

More and more men and women are choosing a hair transplant to recover lost hair for various reasons such as age, hormonal factors, stress or genetic causes. To date, the innovative FUE technique of micrografting of the hair follicle has become one of the most requested because of its efficiency and its simple and fast postoperative post-transplantation process. In this post, [...]

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Receding hairline: the best treatment

I have receding hairline: what can I do? Is there a solution? The truth is that you are not the first to ask these questions. Hair loss forming entrances in the hair is very common in early symptoms of alopecia, both in men and women. Data speak for themselve: from the age of twenty, 60% of people begin to feel the [...]

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Putting on hair – Trichology and History

Getting hair is one of the fashions that more patients have moved in the last 15 years, having an exponential growth year after year. With the arrival of the FUE technique, in our case Safir FUE, and its improvements, recover hair (you can read more about recovering hair by clicking here) becomes the aesthetic version of men and some women, for [...]

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8 natural tips for a healthy hair

How many times have we envied a shiny, silky and voluptuous mane? Those Hollywood actresses with shiny hair, careful and dazzling when looking at it. WE LOVE! But have not you ever wondered what is the trick to maintaining healthy hair, to have a thick, thick and strong hair? Maybe, that these actresses, are spent large sums of money in moisturizing [...]

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Fashion NOT POO

Fashion “no poo” comes to our country with strength, but is it really beneficial? Do you remember when a few years ago we decided to buy horse shampoo to wash our hair because it seemed to grow stronger and more vigorous? Well we present the new fashion among celebrities: the “NO POO” or how to wash your hair without shampoo. The [...]

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Hair Transplant – Areas for a Hair Implant – Sanantur

Hair transplantation consists mainly of the extraction of the hair follicles by units (each follicle usually contains three to five hairs), which are located in the back and even on the sides of the head where the follicles remain for life, independently that they are placed somewhere other than where they were removed and implanted in the head of the person [...]

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